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Kit p/ Montar Raybrig HSV-010 (TG10-Mk.2FX)

Kit p/ Montar Raybrig HSV-010 (TG10-Mk.2FX)

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descrição do produto

The TG-10 Mk.2 SZ engine chassis is an improved version of the TG-10 Mk.2 chassis. Specs and Features 1/10 scale assembly kit model. The Raybirg Honda HSV-010 body is made with durable polycarbonate. Various specs of the TG-10 Mk.2 SG chassis have been updated to create the TG-10 Mk.2 SZ chassis. Kit includes purpose made rubber tires for gas engine cars. Comes with a size 12 engine with slide valve carburetor, & pull starter The SZ chassis features full ball bearings, sealed gearboxes, aluminum lower deck, independent double wishbone suspension, and aluminum oil damper Pillow ball front suspension-75cc fuel tank Updated receiver battery compartment to accomidate 6.6v LiFe batteries. 4WD shaft drive transmission Gear differentials-Oil filled dampers Fully adjustable suspension Separately Required Items Expec GT-II 2.4G Radio Control System (Item 45050) or 2 channel R/C system for Glow-Engine R/C Cars. Appropriate fuel for glow-engine cars such as Tamiya TG Fuel. Batteries for R/C unit and glow plug heater. Glow plug heater and Fuel filler.

informações técnicas

Especificações básicas:● Comprimento total: 440mm;
● Largura: 207mm;
● Altura total: 122mm;
● Entre eixos: 257mm;
● Material do Chassi: Alumínio com 3mm de espessura.

Itens necessários:
● Rádio transmissor 2ch com recepetor, bateria e servos;
● Combustível;
● Acessórios para partida e aquecimento de vela.

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