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Nitrage One-Way & Direct Shaft

Nitrage One-Way & Direct Shaft

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The latest Option Part to be released forenhancing the performance of the glowengine R/C Nitrage 5.2 is this setcontaining a One-Way Cup Joint and 2Direct Shafts. These partsare specifically designedto improve the Nitrage'straction duringacceleration whencornering and on flat, high griprunning surfaces. The Nitrage 5.2 comes equipped with front,center, and rear differentials for optimumtraction on any running surface. The DirectShafts further improve efficiency by ensuringthat power from the front wheels is not lost,resulting in faster acceleration and effortlessdrifting. Replacing the kit-included center onewaycup joint with the cup-joint in this new setwill result in smoother rear brake operationduring both braking and throttle off situations. Set Includes: Front Direct Shaft, Center Direct Shaft, One-Way Cup Joint*Compatible Chassis: Nitrage 5.2

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