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Morris Mini Cooper Racing

Morris Mini Cooper Racing

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About the Morris Mini Cooper Racing The Morris Mini was introduced in October 1959 and was a departure from automotive designs of that era. By using a 2-box styling, they produced a four seat compact car about 3 meters in length that used a front engine, front wheel drive layout to keep the passenger compartment flat. It initially had an 848cc, 34hp engine, which allowed a speed of 115km/h This outstanding design allowed 80% of the overall car length for driver and passenger space, which provided room for four large adults to be seated comfortably. Its patented "Hydrolastic" four wheel independent suspension system was another of its excellent innovations. This superbly balanced car also performed well on racing circuits, and John Cooper of British racing fame, souped-up the engine and introduced it to the public as the Morris Mini Cooper. A series of modification began in 1961 using a 997cc, 55hp engine followed by a 1071cc, 67.5hp version and in 1963 the popular 1275cc, 75hp car came out. The competition version was known as the "Works Mini" and used a 1293cc powerplant, which filled the 1300cc class requirement, and put out 91hp. The racing Mini proved its potential by dominating races held in 1964 & 65. It won the 1967, 1300cc class title in the British Saloon Car Championships (BSCC), the 1968 European Touring Car Challenge, and again clinched the BSCC title that same year. With its many track and rally successes, the Mini Cooper is a true motorsports gem.

informações técnicas

Escala do modelo: 1/24

Series No: 130

- Modelo com linhas de relevo finamente gravadas com fidelidade nos detalhes

- Detalhes da cabine altamente detalhados e fieis ao modelo real.

Não incluso cement e tintas para pintura.

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