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L.Dia.Stab.Head Set (11&15mm)

L.Dia.Stab.Head Set (11&15mm)

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About the Item Can be used with 13-19mm diameter rollers. Using 11mm and 15mm stabilizer heads(Natural color) can reduce your machine�s degree of incline, which improvescorneringstability. With these stabilizer heads, you are able to customize your machine to better match thecourse layout. Stabilizer heads are made from a lightweight, low-friction, and wear-resistant plastic (POM). Can be used with any two-way screw shaft and regular kit included rollers. To prevent the head from rotating, ball stabilizer caps (natural color) and teethed washersare included. Securing of the stabilizer head is easily done by tightening the double screw shaft, toothedwasher, and hex nuts. Can be used with Mini 4WD cars and Mini 4WD PRO cars.

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