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RC McLaren MP4/6 (F104W)

RC McLaren MP4/6 (F104W)
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descrição do produto

The McLaren MP4/6 was the first McLaren to be powered by Honda's V12 engine which was controlled by the H-pattern manual gearbox. The 1991 F1 season saw team driver Aryton Senna win the season's first four races including the Brazilian GP. The MP4/6 went on to earn McLaren their fourth straight constructors' championship and also saw Senna claim his third and last drivers' championship. Specs and Features 1/10 R/C assembly kit model of the 1991 McLaren MP4/6 Length: 413mm, Width: 200mm, Height: 98mm. The F104W chassis features a longitudinal battery layout . The F104W chassis incorporates F103 front arms to mimic the wider dimensions of earlier F1 machines. Durable polycarbonate body Transmission: RWD-2WD, Direct Drive, Solid Axle Ball bearings included for rear axle, with bushings in the front Friction rear damper with coil spring Front king-pin coil spring independent suspension Foam tires Spur gear with built in ball differential Friction pads for chassis roll adjustment A resin bumper is equipped under the front wing to protect against shocks and crashes.

informações técnicas

• Comprimento: 431mm
• Largura: 187mm
• Altura: 132mm
• Entre eixos: 125mm


Kit para montar 

Peças para finalização deste kit vendidas separadamente


Peças necessárias: 

- Rádio Controle Pistola (2 canais) 

- Bateria 

- Carregador 

- Servo 

- Speed Control 

- Tintas para finalizar bolha

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