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Offset Tread Tires Hard/White

Offset Tread Tires Hard/White

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These new Offset tread tires allow you to set your tire tread positioning to better prepare your vehicle for the track. Such specifications are as follows: TIRE TYPES & PERFORMANCE Type Color Traction Inline Speed Cornering Traction Soft Clear High High High Normal Black Normal Normal Normal Hard White Low Low Low TREAD & PERFORMANCE TREAD STRAIGHT CORNERING Stability Stablitly Tire Traction Narrow High High Low Wide Low Low High These white hard type tires can be used with Mini 4WD Pro cars with large diameterwheels, Racing Mini 4WD, Super Mini 4WD, Fully Cowled Mini 4WD, Aero Mini 4WD,Mighty Mini 4WD (when attaching to type1 or 3 chassis, large diameter wheels are required).

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