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Tamiya RC Ferrari 643 (F104W)

Tamiya RC Ferrari 643 (F104W)
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descrição do produto

The Ferrari 643 was used for the 1991 Formula One season with hopes of ending McLaren's dominance of the sport. Driven by team driver Alain Prost, it proved to be one of the top machines of the season. Although the 643 faced numerous difficulties including the deterioration of the Ferrari-Prost relationship, the 643 finished the season with a credible 8 podiums and earned Ferrari 3rd placein the constructors' championship. Specs and Features Limited edition 1/10 R/C assembly kit model of the Ferrari 643 Length: 416mm, Width: 200mm, Height: 96mm. The F104W chassis features a longitudinal battery layout The F104W chassis incorporates F103 front arms to mimic the wider dimensions of earlier F1 machines. Transmission: RWD-2WD, Direct Drive, Solid Axle Ball bearings included for rear axle, with bushings in the front Friction rear damper with coil spring Front king-pin coil spring independent suspension Foam tires Spur gear with built in ball differential Friction pads for chassis roll adjustment Polycarbonate body. Sticker sheet to depict the livery for Alain Prost's machine included. A resin bumper is equipped under the front wing to protect against shocks and crashes.

informações técnicas

• Comprimento: 416mm
• Largura: 200mm
• Altura: 96mm
• Entre eixos: 270mm


Kit para montar 

Peças para finalização deste kit vendidas separadamente


Peças necessárias: 

- Rádio Controle Pistola (2 canais) 

- Bateria 

- Carregador 

- Servo 

- Speed Control 

- Tintas para finalizar bolha

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