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Mini 4WD Pinion Puller Blue

Mini 4WD Pinion Puller Blue

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The following Mini 4WD PRO motors Item 15346 Torque-Tuned Motor PRO, Item 15350 Rev-Tuned Motor PRO, and Item 15351 Atomic-Tuned Motor PRO all come with brass pinions. When you would like to exchange these brass pinions with resin ones, this Pinion Puller will make the job easier. The Pinion Pulley can also be used for the removal of resin pinions. Specs & Features The puller fits in the space between the pinion and motor and by turning the end bolt, it effortlessly removes the pinion. Due to its compact design, the Pinion Puller can be stored in both Item 15163 Mini 4WD Parts Case and Item 15389 Mini 4WD Multipurpose Case. The Puller is made with cool looking blue anodized aluminum.

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